Airport Transfer - Discount Travel

Those who have never tried or experienced discount travel think that it is just a fairy tale. The fact is that you can find several opportunities for discount travel and airport transfer around the world. Before embarking on a great adventure, many look to finding the most reliable transport to take them safely to and from the airport. Many businesses offer this service, using used coach sales to find the right vehicles for their business.

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Why do they offer discount?

First of all, if you love travelling, you have a great chance of finding discounts. However, you may not get discounts during the peak season. If you can adjust your travel plan a bit according to the convenience of hotels and restaurants, you can clinch a discount to the tune of 60 to 70 . The major reason the hotels, restaurants, airlines and other businesses offer discount is that they want to use their full capacity. Any room or table or seat left vacant would be a loss for them. What they do is offer discounts and time it in such a manner that they get an advantage from it. But the fact is, as a traveller or diner or passenger, you are always looking for reduced rates. When you find a service offering these, you feel lucky. It is basically a win-win game.

Do they really offer discounted airport transfer?

Some hotels, especially those on the high-end side, offer free-of-cost airport transfer. Though this won't burn a hole in the visitor's pocket even he paid it by himself, it is one of the most sought after services. Since most of the hotels of the same grade have nearly the same infrastructure to offer, the only thing separates them is the add-on services they offer. A major part of this includes the pick and drop service to the airport, sightseeing arrangement, free breakfast, and upgrades. You can also ask them for a car on rent so that you can explore the place on your own.

Why do airlines offer discounts?

Airlines offer discount for various reasons. It may be because of the season, advance booking by the passenger, bulk booking, or the route. If you are a frequent traveller, the airlines have several reward programmes to pass on the benefits to you. They may classify you as a privileged customer and upgrade your tickets without charging extra. They may even offer more than regular discounts or waive off luggage handling charges.

Membership and corporate discount!

Club or membership discounts are also pretty common. There are many clubs at local, national and international levels which have a network of hotels, restaurants and pubs around the world. They also offer packages which can shave off about 40 of the routine cost. You can seek their memberships and get those benefits. A single member from the club can book many rooms or hotels thus making a great saving for the whole family. Corporate level discounts can be used if you work with multi-national companies. You may need to get in touch with the HR personnel of your company to know the details.

All-in-all, if you plan your journey well in advance and gather information from various sources, you can easily get a great deal of discount on accommodation, transportation and airport transfer.